File a Complaint

Last updated: March 29, 2016

In many cases, consumer protection starts with you filing a single complaint that leads to an investigation on our end.

The State of Kansas needs your help in the fight against fraud and abuse. Do you have a problem with a financial institution/professional or need to report fraud or a violation of the law?

Click on any of these agencies to File a Complaint with them:

State Bank Commissioner of Kansas

Contact the Bank Commissioner for anything pertaining to state-chartered banks, trust companies, mortgage businesses, supervised lenders, credit service organizations, and money transmitters that do business in the State of Kansas.

Kansas Securities Commissioner

Contact the Securities Commissioner for complaints concerning investments or securities, financial professionals, or questions about securities fraud. You can do a background check on your investment professional to find information such as criminal history, disclosures regarding complaints, regulatory actions, and more here:

Attorney General's Office

Check out the Attorney General's Complaint Center to file a complaint with their office. Some topics include identity theft, Medicaid fraud and elder abuse, Do-Not-Call List violations, Open Meetings Act or Open Records Act violations, unregistered roofers, complaints against a business, charity, law enforcement officer for racial or bias-based policing, private detectives, the Architectural Accessibility Act, and more.

Kansas Insurance Department

Contact the Insurance Department to file a consumer complaint against an insurance company/agent/agency or an insurance product, such as an annuity.

Kansas Department of Credit Unions

File a complaint with Credit Unions if you think a credit union has violated a regulation or law.

Not sure who you need to talk to about an issue? Send a detailed email to and we will help connect you to the right place!