Claiming Unclaimed Property

Last updated: March 29, 2016

The Kansas State Treasurer Helps You Get Your Property Back.

How Can I Find Out if I Have Unclaimed Property?

The State Treasurer takes possession of specified types of abandoned personal property and becomes custodian until the rightful owner claims the property.

Click here to find out if we are holding any unclaimed property for you.

If you have done business in another state, you may want to link to the site to check.

If you worked for a company in the past that went out of business or ended its defined benefit pension, you may want to link to the PBGC Pension Search page to see if you are entitled to any pension money.

The Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians seeks current addresses for the Individual Indian Money account holders listed on their site. All accounts have funds to be disbursed to the rightful owner. Please link to the Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians site to see if you are an account holder.

Claiming Property

This office requires significant proof of ownership to issue any funds to an owner or heir. Specifically, it requires some sort of document in your possession that ties you to the unclaimed property.

The Kansas State Treasurer's office requests this information for every claim:

  • Social Security Number or Federal ID Number of the claimant(s).

Otherwise if no social security number is reported by the holder you will need to provide documentation of the reported address.

  • Address (Including City, State, and Zip code) of the claimant(s)

  • Notarized claim form, if the property is a Safe Deposit Box, Stock, or worth in excess of $2,000.00

The following are guidelines to answer some of the most frequently asked questions:

  • If we have a Social Security Number on file, and it matches the one you have, in many cases, that is all we will need.

  • If you are claiming as Conservator, Executor, Administrator, etc., send a certified copy from the probate court of `Letters of Conservatorship,` `Letters Testamentary,` `Letters of Administration,` or such other court certificate evidencing appointment.

  • If the original owner is deceased and the owner's estate was probated pursuant to K.S.A. chapter 59, send certified copies from the probate court of the owner's will AND the `Journal Entry` or `Decree of Final Settlement.`

If It Is Free, Why Am I Receiving Notices of a Charge to Search or Get My Property?

Some businesses obtain owner information from states' freedom of information acts. To protect your privacy many states do not provide full records. These businesses then tell individuals that they will conduct a search in their name for a fee. 

  • You could pay them to search, but all the information is accessible free of charge by searching the state databases or, or by contacting any state unclaimed property office.

Sometimes, companies hire firms to find you before they turn property over to the state. These legitimate businesses are called finders or locators. They find this lost property for owners and offer to tell them how to obtain it for a fee. This is usually a part of the total property value. 

  • In Kansas a finder cannot charge more than 15%. Most of these firms work within the law. There are also many unclaimed property scams across the United States. Before signing any contract, contact the Unclaimed Property Division for more information.

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