Exemptions to the Individual Mandate

Last updated: October 7, 2015

People Who Don’t Have To Pay a Penalty for Not Having Health Insurance Coverage Include:

  • Individuals and families with an income low enough that they don’t need to file federal income tax returns

  • People who would pay 8% or more of the income for coverage (after taking into account premium tax credits and employer contributions)

  • Individuals who have been uninsured for less than three months

  • People who are in jail

  • Individuals who aren’t lawfully present in the country

  • Members of federally recognized American Indian tribes

  • Individuals who are not members of federally recognized American Indian tribes, but can get services through an Indian healthcare provider

  • People who don’t have coverage because they belong to a religious group that objects to insurance coverage

  • People who are members of a healthcare sharing ministry

  • People who experience hardship in obtaining coverage

There’s more information about who doesn’t have to pay a penalty if they don’t have health insurance in the IRS FAQ: click here.

How Do I Get an Exemption From the Individual Mandate?

The process for getting an exemption from the individual mandate depends on your reason for getting the exemption. The federal website has instructions, including online forms, for you to use to get an exemption: www.healthcare.gov

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