Filing Claims

Last updated: March 29, 2016

Calling the Right People

Contact your insurance company or agent/agency about any motor vehicle accident, regardless of fault. Immediately tell your insurance provider while the details are fresh in your mind. If you report a claim by telephone, make sure to follow up in writing. Cooperate with the insurance company’s investigation.

If you feel the other party is liable for damages, file a claim with their insurance provider. The insurance agent will inform you of the proper procedure.

  • This may include obtaining estimates from local repair shops, or the insurance company’s claim representative may be able to provide an estimate.

If you suffer injuries and you are a titled owner of an insured motor vehicle, notify your own insurance company. Your PIP/Kansas no-fault benefits cover first medical expenses incurred by you. This happens no matter who is at fault.

Claim Investigation Time Frames

The insurance company has 30 days to complete an investigation of your claim. If this does not happen within 30 days, it must provide a reasonable explanation for taking longer. To avoid losing valuable evidence, a prompt investigation is best for the insurance company. However, there is nothing requiring an insurance company to settle your claim within a certain period of time.

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