Holding Unclaimed Property

Last updated: June 9, 2017

Don't Worry! The Kansas State Treasurer Found Your Property.

How Does Property Become "Unclaimed" and Who Holds It?

States have created laws that keep inactive property from reverting back to the companies. These laws tell companies to give the lost property over to state officials. 

The Kansas State Treasurer is in charge of looking after property owned by Kansans. It is this office's job to reunite unclaimed financial assets to their owners.

Your funds will be held until you or your heirs are found.

  •  Additionally, there are no fees or charges assessed by the Kansas State Treasurer's Office. All services performed are done so absolutely FREE!

Safety Deposit Boxes, Stocks, and Bonds

Each year, the Kansas State Treasurer’s Office receives unclaimed deposit boxes, stock, and bonds.  

  • A safe deposit box abandoned for five years is considered unclaimed. There is a five year rule on inactive stocks and bonds as well. 

Upon receiving these items, the Treasurer’s Office mails letters to the last known addresses, posts names to kansascash.com, and staffs unclaimed property booths at the Kansas State Fair and other state events. 

  • If the owners or their heirs do not come forward to claim the contents after being stored in the state’s vault for at least one year (if not longer ), the Treasurer’s Office posts contents up for auction. Proceeds are then held for the rightful owners or heirs.

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