Homeowners Insurance: Personal Liability Coverage

Last updated: March 29, 2016

What Kind of Coverage You May Need

Personal Liability

  • This provides coverage for a claimlawsuit resulting from:

    • Bodily injury or property damage to others caused by an accident on your property or as a result of your personal activities.

  • Most policies provide a minimum amount of coverage:

    • For example, $100,000 per claim.

      • Higher limits are available for an additional premium.

Medical Payments

  • This provides coverage for medical expenses if others are accidentally injured either on your property or through your personal activities.

    • Coverage applies to necessary medical expenses.

      • It is usually written with a $1,000 per person limit, but higher limits are available for an additional premium.

    • Medical payments do not apply to you or other household members.

Other Coverages

Besides personal liability and medical payments coverages in your homeowners policy, there are other coverages.

These may include the following:

Damage to the Property of Others

  • This covers when you damage property borrowed from someone or if you damage another person’s property.

Claim Expenses

  • This covers expenses incurred in a lawsuit: for example, interest on court judgments or premiums on required bonds.

First Aid Expenses

  • This covers expenses for first aid to others.

    • This does not apply to first aid for you.

Exclusions to Personal Liability Coverages

Most homeowners personal liability policies, do not provide coverage for loss to the following:

  • Aircraft, automobile, recreational motor vehicles, or watercraft (50 hp or more)
  • Bodily injury or physical damage because of professional services
  • Bodily injury or physical damage caused by intentional acts of the insured

Review your policy to determine your coverage.

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