Homeowners Insurance Rate Increases

Last updated: March 29, 2016

Two Common Questions When Your Rates Increases

Why Do My Homeowners Rates Keep Increasing Every Year?

The Kansas Insurance Department does not handle setting premium rates for insurance companies.

  • Each company sets their own rates. They base them on their claims experience.

  • If you’re concerned about an increase in your premiums, you can shop around and see if there’s similar coverage for a lower price.

  • Remember: some companies may charge a fee for cancelling your policy in the middle of the policy term!

My Insurance Rates Have Increased Because the Insurance Company Believes It Will Cost More To Replace My Home Than I Believe It Actually Will. Is There Anything I Can Do About This?

Many insurance companies use a residential construction replacement cost estimator when determining the amount of insurance on a residential structure.

  • If you disagree with this amount:

    • Contact a local contractor. Have them give you a written replacement cost estimate for your property. Compare it to the company’s estimate.

    • Then contact the company’s personal lines underwriting manager. Negotiate a new construction replacement cost amount for your home.

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