How a Navigator Can Help You With Enrollment Through the Health Insurance Marketplace

Last updated: October 7, 2015

What a Navagator Can and Can't Do

What a Navigator Can Do:

  • In Kansas, navigators can help you log-on to the Health Insurance Marketplace.

    • You will log into your own Marketplace account.

  • The navigator can help you to complete the application.

    • You will be asked to enter the navigator’s Marketplace user identification on your application. This shows that the navigator helped you.

  • The navigator can help you compare qualified health plans.

  • They can answer questions about health insurance policies in general.

  • The navigator can answer your questions about the differences in health plans.

    • As well as what these differences might mean for you.

What a Navigator Can’t Do:

  • The navigator cannot recommend or suggest which health plan would be best for consumers and their families.

  • Navigators are not permitted to collect premium payments on behalf of an insurer or the Health Insurance Marketplace.

  • Navigators cannot sell, solicit, or negotiate a qualified health plan through the Marketplace.

  • They cannot suggest that one health plan would be better for the you than another plan.

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