Learning Quest Investments

Last updated: March 28, 2016

Learn About the Way Learning Quest's Investing Works

Who Controls the Account's Assets and Withdrawals?

The account owner maintains control of the account. 

  • This control includes making withdrawals and any changes to the beneficiary or investment.

What Are My Investment Choices in Learning Quest?

Investors can choose either an age-based track or from a group of static portfolios.

  • Individual investors can choose from

    • 4 age-based tracks and 12 static options: ranging from aggressive to short-term and including a money market portfolio.

  • Investors using advisers can choose from

    • 3 age-based tracks and seven static options: ranging from aggressive to short-term.

    • Additionally, you can choose from 12 individual fund options to create your own customized investment.

How Can I Request a Change Between Portfolios?

Portfolio changes can be completed

You may change your portfolio selection twice during the calendar year without having to change the beneficiary.

Will I Know How My Account Is Performing?

Learning Quest will keep you informed about your investment's progress with quarterly account statements.

  • You'll also receive a confirmation after each transaction (except for automated transactions). 
  • Each January, you'll receive an annual statement reflecting your account's previous year's history.

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