Last updated: October 7, 2015

Discuss Insurance Topics Before the Wedding

Auto Insurance

  • Discover the other’s driving record.

  • Investigate combining insurance and possibly named-driver exclusion clauses.

Home Insurance

  • As you improve your home make sure the insurance company is kept up to date. That way you can keep all the value insured.

  • Make sure you know a house’s insurance rates before buying it. Location affects this quite a bit. As well as construction type and square footage.

Health Insurance

  • Whose coverage should you keep?

    • Look at out-of-pocket expenses, cost-sharing expenses, what is and is not covered.

    • Don’t just choose the cheaper looking option

  • Coverage change:

    • Most insurance providers let you change your policy when you get married without a penalty.

    • Be sure to inform your insurer if stepchildren are joining the family.

Life Insurance

  • Update your beneficiaries!

  • Reassess your life insurance amount. As your situation has changed, make sure the amount of insurance you have reflects your new needs.


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