Medicare SELECT Insurance

Last updated: March 29, 2016

Preferred Providers

Medicare SELECT is another option available to some Kansas Medicare beneficiaries. Medicare SELECT policies are just like standardized Medicare supplement policies. But, each Medicare SELECT policy has specific hospitals that you must use in order to be eligible for full benefits. In some cases the policy has specific doctors also. This excludes cases of medical emergencies.

With Medicare SELECT, the insurers negotiate with specific providers. These specific providers are sometimes called "preferred providers". Because of this, premium costs for Medicare SELECT plans are often lower than a standard Medicare supplement policy.

When you choose to use a preferred provider:

  • Medicare pays its share of the approved charges.

  • The Medicare SELECT policy pays for the full supplemental benefits provided for in the policy.

If you do not want to use the preferred provider:

  • Medicare will still pay its share of approved charges.

  • The Medicare SELECT policy would not be required to pay any benefits.

To help compare:

  • Medicare supplement policies

  • Medicare SELECT policies for premium rates

look at Section II of this book.

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