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Last updated: March 29, 2016

The Kansas Partnership for Long-Term Care

What Is the Kansas Partnership for Long-Term Care? 

The Long-Term Care Partnership program is a public/private cooperative program that allows states to be designated as Partnership states under the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005. Insurance policies must meet the state and federal Partnership requirements. 

People who purchase qualifying long-term care policies, after depleting their insurance benefits, may still qualify for Medicaid, provided they meet all other Medicaid eligibility criteria. 

For most people, the benefits of their private Partnership insurance policy will provide all the care they will ever need. However, because of the unique asset protection feature of this program, you won’t have to impoverish yourself if you run out of insurance benefits and still need care:

  • Protected assets are not considered in determining Medicaid eligibility and estate recovery. 

Who Benefits? Everyone

The initiative benefits you by protecting your assets for your own use. 

Insurance companies benefit because the initiative encourages the private funding of long-term care. 

Also, the state benefits because Medicaid dollars are saved when Kansans fund their long-term care needs with private insurance. 

Asset Protection 

The Long-Term Care Partnership program provides dollar-for-dollar asset protection. Each dollar that your Partnership policy pays out in benefits entitles you to keep a dollar of your assets if you ever need to apply for Medicaid services. 

  • For example, a person with a $100,000 policy could keep $100,000 in assets when applying for Medicaid. Without such a policy, a person would have to spend down all but $2,000 in assets before applying for Medicaid. 

Qualified Plans 

Partnership-qualified policies must be tax-qualified, contain certain consumer protection provisions, and provide inflation protection

  • Policies are available from licensed insurance professionals.

To qualify for Partnership benefits, long-term care insurance policies must have been purchased on or after April 1, 2007. 

  • Consumers who purchased policies prior to that date should contact their insurance carrier to see if their policies qualify. 

You can find more information about Partnership plans, as well as a link to companies with approved Partnership endorsements, click here!

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