Questions for Your Broker or Investment Adviser

Last updated: April 8, 2016

Get to Know Your Broker & Investment Adviser

*The information on this page is credited to IPT and Kiplinger. Their original materials are made available by the Kansas Securities here.


Are any lawsuits or bankruptcies pending against you, your company, or the company’s officers and directors?


Are you and your firm registered with the Office of the Kansas Securities Commissioner? Are you exempt from registration? What investment products are you qualified to offer?


How long have you/your company been in business?


Has any state, FINRA, SEC, or FTC taken enforcement action against you? If so, what was the outcome?


How much risk is there in my proposed investments? How is the investment purchase price determined? Are there circumstances in which I am required to come up with extra money?


What are the fees for the transaction? How are you compensated? Do certain investments pay a greater commission versus others?


Can you provide me with a prospectus? Are you willing to explain your investment proposal to my attorney or accountant?


What happens if i need to get my money back quickly? Am I responsible for finding a buyer? Are there any required fees to pay before I can liquidate my investment?


Will I receive a monthly or quarterly statement showing my account activity? (You should carefully review the statement and question anything you do not understand. This includes any activity you did not authorize. If you have questions, contact your investment firm in writing. Keep all your statements and notes on file.)

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