What Happens if I File a Complaint Against My Bank?

Last updated: December 29, 2015

Complaints and the Office of the Kansas State Bank Commissioner

The Office of the Kansas State Bank Commissioner (OSBC) examines Kansas state-chartered banks for safety and soundness concerns. Submitting a complaint notifies the office of your situation.

  • However, this agency can only help if the bank is a state-chartered bank.

With the complaint received, this office will only act as an intermediary.

  • It will facilitate communication between the consumer and the financial institution.

  • It will also help each party exchange the appropriate documents.

    • Once a complaint is received, the OSBC will contact the bank and request a response.

    • After the bank responds to its request, it is reviewed and then a follow up of what the OSBC received is provided to you.

The OSBC has no authority to legally represent a consumer.

  • They cannot offer legal advice, adjudicate contractual disputes, or determine monetary liability either.

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