When a Vehicle Must Be Repaired

Last updated: October 7, 2015

Getting Estimates and Having Repairs Done


Insurance companies don't have to settle a claim with the highest repair estimate. If they think the estimate is too high, they can check with other facilities.

  • The insurance company’s offer must cover the actual repair costs. This means restoring the damaged motor vehicle to pre-loss condition.
  • If you choose to take your vehicle to a more expensive repair facility, you have to pay the difference.


The insurance company can repair a vehicle with other-than-original manufactured parts. These is commonly referred to as aftermarket parts. They may also repair your vehicle with quality used or salvaged parts.

If the insurance company decides to repair the damage, it should issue the claim settlement check in your name. A check should only be issued to the repair firm if you signed an authorization for the firm’s name to also appear on the check.

  • If it is a claim against your own insurance and a lien holder is on your insurance policy, the insurance company should include the lien holder on the check.

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