Where Care Is Received

Last updated: October 7, 2015

Nursing Home Services, Home Health Care, and Adult Day Care Programs

Regardless of which plan you choose, it is also important to know where services are covered. If you are not in the right type of facility, the insurance company can refuse to pay.

  • Policies may pay for care in different places. Many policies cover all three: nursing facilities, your home health care, and adult day care. 

Nursing Home Services: 

In Kansas, policies are required to cover stays in licensed nursing facilities. Currently this includes assisted-living and residential health care facilities licensed in the state. 

  • The average cost of nursing home services in Kansas in 2015 was $165 per day, or $60,225 per year. 

Home Health Care: 

Home health care services are provided in a person’s home by a licensed home health agency. Covered services also may include part-time skilled nursing care and physical therapy. Some policies pay for homemaker services such as cooking, cleaning, and running errands.

  • Benefits for home health tend to be less expensive than for nursing home care. The average cost of home health care in Kansas in 2015 was $119 per day, or $43,426 per year 

Adult Day Care Programs:

Policies may provide reduced coverage for services received in an adult day care facility. These programs provide care on a daily basis to individuals who do not require confinement in a nursing home. Benefits typically include nursing care; therapeutic, social, and educational activities; and constant supervision because of Alzheimer’s or a similar disease. 

  • The average cost of adult day care programs in Kansas in 2015 was $57 per day, or $20,800 per year. 

If you purchase a Kansas policy and plan to move out of state, make sure the insurance company will pay for the facility in another state. 

  • Other states license their facilities under different names or not at all. Consult with the other state’s insurance department before making a decision.

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