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Investment Terms Dictionary

Decode some of the terminology used in investment here.

Retirement 101

Learn the basics of setting yourself up for a good retirement.

Create an Income Stream

Taking initial withdrawals of 4% or considering annuities are often recommended to retirees.

A Few Common Provisions

The incontestability provision,the misstatement of age provision, the suicide clause, and various settlement options.

Life Insurance

Life insurance covers your loved ones in the case of your death.

Questions to Ask Before Signing

If you’ve decided that an annuity makes sense for you, here are several key questions to ask yourself before signing any paperwork.

Fixed and Variable Annuity Expenses

The fewer features, the less fees.

Tax-Sheltered Annuity

A TSA, which is authorized under section 403(b) of the Internal Revenue Code, allows specific groups and individuals to purchase annuities that are paid for through payroll deductions on a tax-deferred basis.

Fixed Annuities

A fixed annuity earns a guaranteed rate of interest for a set time.

Variable Annuities

Higher risk, but potential for higher reward.


An annuity is typically part of a retirement investment.

Deferred Annuities

There are a number of situations a deferred annuity may be the right choice for you.

Tax-Deferred Accumulation

Under current federal law, annuities receive special tax treatment.

How Your Annuity Can Be Paid to You

The most common ways are life only, period certain, life with period certain, or joint and last survivor.

Immediate Annuities

There are a number of situations an immediate annuity may be the right choice for you.

When You Can Start Getting Money From Your Annuity

Either you will receive payments within a year or you will wait awhile.

Quiz: Should I Consider Immediate or Deferred Annuities?

A short quiz to help you navigate what you might need.

Turning 50

Turning 50 means you need to think through issues now to avoid problems later.

Indexed Annuities

An indexed annuity is a kind of fixed annuity that grows according to a variable rate.

Seniors and Baby Boomers

Learn about auto, home, health, and life insurance.

Annuity Terms Dictionary

Clarify some of the terminology used in life insurance here.

After-Tax Contributions

Thinking through your financial needs can save you from penalties and extra taxes later.

Options for Paying Premiums

Either you make one payment or several ones over a period time.

Annuity Tax Considerations

Things to consider about taxation when looking at Annuities.

Ways An Annuity Can Earn Interest

Learn about fixed rate and variable annuities.