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History of Kansas Credit Unions

Like the great state we know, Kansas led the way for the rest of America.

Certificates of Deposit

A certificate of deposit (CD) is a relatively low-risk investment.

Credit Unions

Find out if you prefer a bank or credit union for banking product needs.

Can My Bank Wait to Give Me Access to the Money I Deposit?

The bank is allowed to place a "hold" on checks you deposit.

Safe Borrowing

Be smart when entering into debt.


Learn ways to keep fraud out of financial transactions.


Learn more about banking in Kansas.

What Happens if I File a Complaint Against My Bank?

The Bank Commissioner's office may help as an intermediary where able.

Video: Options When Banking

This video shows how someone compares the costs when choosing a place open savings and checking accounts.

Overdraft Services

Overdraft practices and protection plans.

Can a Bank Refuse to Cash My Check?

Though uncommon, a bank can refuse.