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Identity Theft

Identity theft takes place when someone uses your personal information without your permission. It is a crime!

Where To Find Help Enrolling in Healthcare Coverage

There are man resources to help you find good coverage.

Your Appeal Rights and Complaints

Know your rights and how to defend them.

Discrimination and the New Rules About Insurance Premiums

The ACA forbids discrimination and setting premiums based on anything other than age, location, tobacco use, and family composition.

Understand Your Rights

Protect yourself by upholding your rights.

The Servicing of Your Mortgage

Know who to pay and when a change will occur in your mortgage payment

Healthcare Reform Overview

Learn what "Obamacare" is and what changed with it.

What Happens if I File a Complaint Against My Bank?

The Bank Commissioner's office may help as an intermediary where able.

Video: How to Deal With Debt Collectors

Keep you rights intact and your comfort levels higher.

"Accreditation Status” and “Consumer Experience”

See how people are satisfied with their plan and make sure the plan is certified.