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Other Types of Coverage

Not all coverage happens within the health insurance marketplace.

Health Insurance Term Dictionary

Decode some of the terminology used in health insurance here.

Navigating Health Plans

Getting adequate coverage is important for you and your loved ones. Make sure you know what you need.

Healthcare Reform Overview

Learn what "Obamacare" is and what changed with it.

What Services/Benefits Must Plans Cover?

Find out what protection a plan must have.

What if I Don't Need All of the Benefits in a Plan?

No, you can't take benefits out of a plan.

Available Plans Through the Health Insurance Marketplace

Health plans sold through the Health Insurance Marketplace must meet comprehensive coverage standards for items and services.

Exemptions to the Individual Mandate

There are some cases where there is no penalty to not having coverage.

What if I Already Have Health Insurance Coverage?

Make sure you have basic essential coverage.