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A great place to learn what programs, events, and online opportunities are open to you as a Kansan!


These calculators are designed to help you figure the out concrete numbers when making big purchases.

Questions for Your Broker or Investment Adviser

Asking good questions of your broker or investment adviser is important.


There are some great quizzes that can help you learn something new about yourself and your finances.

Managing Credit Card Debt

Only paying the minimum amount can cost you more in the long run.

Making Ends Meet

1 in 5 Americans struggle to make ends meet.

Financial Literacy Levels

Almost 2/3 of Americans show low levels of financial literacy!

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Learn about commercial equity REITs before investing.

High Frequency Trading: Decoded

FINRA has provided a great infographic on what high frequency trading really is and how it works.

Video: Emotional Investing

Learn more about how we make and could better make financial decisions.

Scam Tester

A quick quiz to help you avoid getting scammed!

Video: Investment Fraud Documentary

Get an award-winning documentary for free.