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Other Types of Coverage

Not all coverage happens within the health insurance marketplace.

Insurance Information by Life Stage and Life Events

Learn how to prepare for various changes you'll experience in life.

Insurance for College?

The Kansas Insurance Department reminds you to add 'insurance' to your college list.

Where To Find Help Enrolling in Healthcare Coverage

There are man resources to help you find good coverage.

Health Insurance

There are many available resources to help you understand and navigate the health insurance market.

Health Insurance Term Dictionary

Decode some of the terminology used in health insurance here.

Young Singles

Learn about auto, home, health, and life insurance.

Parts of Medicare Affected by the Affordable Care Act

Some parts of Medicare are changing because of the ACA.

Tax Credits

Tax credits help people who can't afford coverage.

Do Plans Offered Through the Health Insurance Marketplace Have Big Out-of-Pocket Costs?

Out-of-pocket costs depend on the plan, but there is a cap.

Costs and Assistance With Costs

Learn what helps you have to pay for coverage.

What Happens if I Don't Satisfy the Individual Mandate?

Without an exemption, you pay a tax penalty.

Your Appeal Rights and Complaints

Know your rights and how to defend them.

Discrimination and the New Rules About Insurance Premiums

The ACA forbids discrimination and setting premiums based on anything other than age, location, tobacco use, and family composition.

What Is the Prompt Pay Act?

The Kansas Health Care Prompt Payment Act establishes what prompt payment of health insurance claims means.

Comparing and Understanding Plans

Responses to commonly asked questions.

Grandfathered Plans

A plan that has existed since before the Affordable Care Act was passed.

How Do I Find Out What Drugs a Plan Covers?

Health insurers keep lists of drugs that are covered under each plan.

Can a Person's Health Condition Affect Their Coverage?

No, you are protected from this happening.

Navigating Health Plans

Getting adequate coverage is important for you and your loved ones. Make sure you know what you need.

Health Insurance & Affordable Care Act

There are many available resources to help you understand and navigate the health insurance market.

Services Provided Under Medicare Supplement Policies

A list of what you can expect a Medicare Supplement policy to cover.

Medicare SELECT Insurance

Medicare SELECT insurance have specific hospitals you must use for full benefits.

Understand Your Rights

Protect yourself by upholding your rights.


Medicare is a 4 part federal insurance program

Shopping Tips

A dozen tips to keep you safe and your money best spent.

Partnership Plans

Partnership plans provide dollar-for-dollar asset protection should you ever need to apply for Medicaid.

Optional Provisions or Riders

Learn about inflation protection, waiver of premium charges, & nonforfeiture benefits.

Daily Benefit Amount

Learn about acuatl expense and indemnity policies.

The Elimination Period

The shorter the elimination period, the higher your premium.

Who Should Consider Long-Term Care?

Learn what to look at to see if long-term care might be right for you.

Healthcare Reform Overview

Learn what "Obamacare" is and what changed with it.

Tips and Warnings

Keep yourself safe and covered with these guidelines.

Kinds of Long-Term Care Policies Available

Long-term care insurance policies are not standardized like Medicare supplement insurance: Each policy is different.

Consumer Protections in Kansas

Learn about "free look", third party notification, inflation protection, and "guaranteed renewable" here.

Young Families

Learn about auto, home, health, and life insurance.

Turning 50

Turning 50 means you need to think through issues now to avoid problems later.

Entering Parenthood

New Children mean new insurance changes.

The Costs of Long-Term Care

In 2015, the average cost of care in a Kansas nursing home was $60,225 per year. Learn about more more costs here.

Designing Your Long-Term Care Plan

Learn the basics of what a plan covers and what you should look for.

Qualifying for Long-Term Care Coverage

Learn the basics of what it means to "qualify", and how you can understand the factors that might affect your qualifications.

When Am I Eligible To Use Long-Term Care Insurance?

In order to use your long-term care insurance benefits, you must meet the qualifications outlined in your policy.


Your benefits could not be taxed as income and you could deduct some of your premium from your federal taxes.

Annuities and Life Insurance Policies Qualifying

Some life insurance policies and annuities may be considered a qualified long-term care policy if they provide certain longterm care benefits as a rider or part of the contract.

Length of the Benefit Period

The premium cost will be higher if you choose a longer benefit period. 

Where Care Is Received

Long-term care plans are not standardized.Be sure you understand the kinds of facilities your policy will cover.

How to Enroll in Medicare

Learn the ins and outs of how and when to enroll in Medicare.

Helpful Resources

A guide to finding someone to help you make the right decisions about Medicare.

Medicare Part A

Part A of Medicare was created to cover inpatient care in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, hospice, and some home health care.

Medicare Part B

Part B of Medicare covers most doctor services, some outpatient hospital, and home health care services: this includes some physical and occupational therapy.

Medicare Part C

Medicare Advantage Plans are an alternative way of receiving Part A and Part B coverage.

Medicare Part D

Medicare provides prescription drug coverage to help enrollees pay for the drugs they need to stay healthy.

Lower Your Costs During the Part D Coverage Gap

4 simple steps to help make your money go farther.

How Other Insurance Works With Medicare Part D

Know how your other insurance plans work alongside Medicare Part D.

5 Things to Consider When Looking at a Medicare Advantage Plan

5 questions to answer before buying a Medicare Advantage Plan.

Medicare Terms Dictionary

Decode some of the terminology used in Medicare here.

How Supplemental Insurance Premium Rates Are Determined

Premium rates for Medicare supplement insurance policies are determined by either issue age or attained age.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Shopping Guide

A quick, easy tool to be an informed buyer.

What Services/Benefits Must Plans Cover?

Find out what protection a plan must have.

What if I Don't Need All of the Benefits in a Plan?

No, you can't take benefits out of a plan.

Preventive Benefits

Preventive Benefits screen for early detection of health conditions and many are usually covered.

In-Network and Out-of-Network

Figure out which providers are in your network and be sure to use them.


Enrollment is typically annual, but there are some special exceptions

Available Plans Through the Health Insurance Marketplace

Health plans sold through the Health Insurance Marketplace must meet comprehensive coverage standards for items and services.

How to Keep Safe and Avoid Fraud While Looking For a Plan

NEVER sign something until you have read it and made sure you understand every line.

Who Can Buy a Plan Through the Health Insurance Marketplace?

The majority of Kansans are able to buy a plan through the marketplace.

What Is the Health Insurance Marketplace?

Learn where to shop for health insurance.

"Accreditation Status” and “Consumer Experience”

See how people are satisfied with their plan and make sure the plan is certified.

Exemptions to the Individual Mandate

There are some cases where there is no penalty to not having coverage.

What if I Already Have Health Insurance Coverage?

Make sure you have basic essential coverage.

People Who Can Help You Make Decisions About Coverage

Understand insurance agents, navigators, and certified application counselors.

Established Families

Learn about auto, home, health, and life insurance.

Seniors and Baby Boomers

Learn about auto, home, health, and life insurance.


Changing your insurance for when you say "I do".

Medicare Supplement Policies

Medicare was never intended to pay 100% of medical bills. Medigap can help cover some of those expenses.

How Medicare Is Divided

Medicare has four parts and each part covers different parts of health insurance.

Long Term Care

Long-term care covers when you need help taking care of yourself long-term.

Shopping for Health Insurance Coverage

Getting the best coverage isn't as hard as you think, it just takes a little time.

Health Insurance Marketplace Basics

Find out what you need to know to keep yourself covered.