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Home & Mortgage Loans

A fly-by of what you need to know about mortgages and financing a home.

Homeowners Insurance Rate Increases

Learn some of the factors why your policy rate might increase.

Coverage Over Damages & Repairs FAQs

When something goes wrong and needs fixing, know if you're covered.

Homeowners Insurance: Types of Property Coverage

Know if your coverage will cover your property needs.

Homeowners Insurance: Personal Liability Coverage

Know what liabilities you run the risk of occurring.

Buying Coverage That Fits Your Needs

Make sure your coverage needs and your wallet meet at the right place.

Extra Types of Coverage You May Want

These may include inflation guard coverage, scheduled personal property coverage, fire and extended coverage, flood insurance, earth quake insurance, and an umbrella liability policy.

Do I Have To Purchase Homeowners or Renters Insurance?

No insurance is legally required, but you mortgage company may demand it.

What Does Insurance Fraud Look Like?

Learn about internal and external insurance fraud.

Identity Theft Insurance

Check your homeowners insurance policy for coverage.

Compare & Negotiate

Negotiate through overages and costs.

Gather Information

Ask about rates, points, fees, down payments, and PMI.

Shop Around: Ask Several Lenders

Know who to approach and whether they are acting as a broker or lender.

Shopping for the Best Mortgage

Simple steps and reminders to keep you shopping smart and safe.

The Servicing of Your Mortgage

Know who to pay and when a change will occur in your mortgage payment

What to Look for in a HELOC

Know what to pay attention to in a HELOC.

Reverse Mortgages

Get a basic understanding of what it is and what to consider with them.

Homeowners Insurance: Pricing and Underwriting

Both personal and private factors contribute to the cost of your coverage.

Cancellation and Nonrenewal of Your Policy

Who, when, and why your policy may no longer be possible.

Video: Personal Home Inventory

Keep track of what your own and its value.

Costs of a HELOC

Know the several components going into the costs of a HELOC.

New Home

How to keep up with your change in circumstances.

Home Insurance Terms Dictionary

Clarify some of the terminology used in home insurance here.

Dwelling: Replacement Cost Coverage

Don't confuse market value and replacement cost.

Actual Cash Value

The cost it would take to repair or replace your home after depreciation.

Homeowners & Renters Shopping Guide

A quick, easy tool to be an informed buyer.

Types of Insurance Fraud

Learn about the various types of insurance fraud here.

Mortgage Term Dictionary

Decode some of the terminology used in mortgages here.

Home Insurance

Learn how to keep your home and belongings safe and covered under insurance.