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Learn more about the different areas of fraud.

Shopping Tips

A dozen tips to keep you safe and your money best spent.

A Few Common Provisions

The incontestability provision,the misstatement of age provision, the suicide clause, and various settlement options.

Applying for Life Insurance

Avoid fraud and uninformed decisions. Know your rights.

Avoiding Insurance Fraud

7 simple guidelines to keep from becoming a victim.

Reporting Insurance Fraud

File a complaint with the right people.

What Does Insurance Fraud Look Like?

Learn about internal and external insurance fraud.

Insurance Fraud

Insurance Fraud

Cancellation and Nonrenewal of Your Policy

Who, when, and why your policy may no longer be possible.

Shopping for Life Insurance

Learn a few tips to keep you safe and your money best spent.

Qualifying for Long-Term Care Coverage

Learn the basics of what it means to "qualify", and how you can understand the factors that might affect your qualifications.

Termination of Your Personal Auto Policy

Understand when and why your policy can stop.

Types of Insurance Fraud

Learn about the various types of insurance fraud here.

Vehicle Insurance Scams

Avoid getting scammed by knowing the telling signs.

How to Keep Safe and Avoid Fraud While Looking For a Plan

NEVER sign something until you have read it and made sure you understand every line.

Shopping for Health Insurance Coverage

Getting the best coverage isn't as hard as you think, it just takes a little time.

Kansas Insurance Department Anti-Fraud Division

Learn how to use this valuable resource.