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Registered and Unregistered Securities & Signs of Possible Fraud

Taking a closer look at securities, this article provides a brief overview of registered vs. unregistered securities, and tips on how to detect possible fraud by recognizing one or more of the warning signs.


Learn more about the different areas of fraud.

Penny Stocks

Take extra care with stocks that sell for extraordinarily low prices.


Learn ways to help you invest well.

Understanding Disclosure

Disclosure allows you to see where your money is going.

Resolving Disputes

Hopefully a dispute between you and your investment professional doesn't arise. But if it does, learn how to resolve them here.

Investment Practices to Avoid

Don't fall victim to poor or illegal investment practices.

Retirement 101

Learn the basics of setting yourself up for a good retirement.


There are some great quizzes that can help you learn something new about yourself and your finances.

Investment Fraud

Learn to spot investment fraud.

Blue Sky Laws

Did you know that a rain making machine in Kansas helped coin the name for one of the most important consumer protection laws?

Scam Tester

A quick quiz to help you avoid getting scammed!

Video: Investment Fraud Documentary

Get an award-winning documentary for free.

Top 10 Securities Scams

Don't fall prey to scams and lose your hard earned money.

Quiz: Are You Vulnerable to Investment Fraud?

Find out if your habits and behavior lend themselves to being defrauded.

Video: An Inside Look at Fraud

Get an inside look from a former phone scammer.