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Penny Stocks

Take extra care with stocks that sell for extraordinarily low prices.

Types of Stock

Learn 7 basic types of stock you can invest in.


Bonds add safety but reduce your overall return.

Exchange-Traded Funds

Exchange-traded funds are a cross between index funds and stocks.

Assembling a Portfolio

4 basic factors to a steady portfolio: stocks versus bonds, your personal goals, diversification, and rebalancing.


Learn ways to help you invest well.

What Mutual Funds Invest in

Learn the differences between money-market funds, stock funds, and bond funds.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds give us cheap and easy access to stocks and bonds (and other types of securities) to increase our wealth.


A stock is an ownership interest in a company.


Rebalancing helps you sell high and buy low.


Keep yourself on track to retire by adding diversity to your investment portfolio.

Your Personal Goals

Your time horizon should determine your risk.

Understanding Disclosure

Disclosure allows you to see where your money is going.

Setting Your Investment Goals

Do you want to play it safe? Or are you in a position to be more risky?

Resolving Disputes

Hopefully a dispute between you and your investment professional doesn't arise. But if it does, learn how to resolve them here.

Investment Fees

Investment advisers and brokers are professionals: Expect to pay them.

Different Types of Firms

Do you need a full-service, discount, online, or specialty brokerage firm? Or an investment adviser?

New Account With a Broker or Investment Adviser

Fill out a form asking for things like net worth, annual income, age, investment objective, risk tolerance, occupation, and investment experience.

Should I Hire an Investment Adviser?

If you have little or no experience investing, hiring an adviser would be a good place to start.

People and Financial Firms

Selecting investment help should be a careful process.

Keep Yourself and Your Money Safe

It takes only a short moment to protect your money.

Investment Terms Dictionary

Decode some of the terminology used in investment here.

Retirement Investment Dictionary

Clarify some of the terminology used in retirement here.

Getting Your Money Out of a Retirement Account

If you take out money too soon, you can be heavily penalized.

Investment or Saving Choices

Your investment choices fall into three broad categories: stocks, bonds and cash.

Traditional IRA

Anyone who has earned income from a job and who is younger than 701⁄2 can contribute to a traditional IRA.

Employer Plans

Don't miss out a great opportunity by passing this up.

Diversifying Stock Portfolio

Diversification can save you from volatile markets.

Other Various Retirement Funds

To find the right funds for your retirement portfolio, choose the fund types whose objectives and willingness to take risks match yours.

Investment Practices to Avoid

Don't fall victim to poor or illegal investment practices.

Questions for Your Broker or Investment Adviser

Asking good questions of your broker or investment adviser is important.

Roth IRA

A Roth IRA is similar to an IRA, but with important differences.

Retirement Accounts

The key to a successful retirement-investment plan lies not only in choosing the right investments but also in choosing the right place to keep them.

Retirement 101

Learn the basics of setting yourself up for a good retirement.

Investing in Bonds

Bonds add safety but reduce your overall return.

Types of Stocks

Learn 7 basic types of stock you can invest in.

3 Key Rules

To put your retirement plan on track and keep it there, you need to master a few basic financial rules.

Investing in Stocks

A stock is an ownership share of a company.

Mutual Fund Term Dictionary

Decode some of the terminology used in mortgages here.


Investing strategies are based upon risk and reward.

Investment Fraud

Learn to spot investment fraud.

Speakers Bureau

Request a speaker from one of the agencies today!

Blue Sky Laws

Did you know that a rain making machine in Kansas helped coin the name for one of the most important consumer protection laws?

File a Complaint

We need your help identifying fraud and abuse.

Plans With Self-Employment

Learn about your retirement account options if you are self-employed.

Kansas Securities Commissioner

The office of the Kansas Securities Commissioner regulates securities and security-transactions in the state of Kansas

Scam Tester

A quick quiz to help you avoid getting scammed!

Video: Investment Fraud Documentary

Get an award-winning documentary for free.

Top 10 Securities Scams

Don't fall prey to scams and lose your hard earned money.

Quiz: Are You Vulnerable to Investment Fraud?

Find out if your habits and behavior lend themselves to being defrauded.