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Health Insurance

There are many available resources to help you understand and navigate the health insurance market.

Shopping Tips

A dozen tips to keep you safe and your money best spent.

Partnership Plans

Partnership plans provide dollar-for-dollar asset protection should you ever need to apply for Medicaid.

Optional Provisions or Riders

Learn about inflation protection, waiver of premium charges, & nonforfeiture benefits.

Daily Benefit Amount

Learn about acuatl expense and indemnity policies.

The Elimination Period

The shorter the elimination period, the higher your premium.

Who Should Consider Long-Term Care?

Learn what to look at to see if long-term care might be right for you.

Life Insurance: Extras and Riders

A rider is additional coverage added to life insurance that was not included in the original policy.

Kinds of Long-Term Care Policies Available

Long-term care insurance policies are not standardized like Medicare supplement insurance: Each policy is different.

Consumer Protections in Kansas

Learn about "free look", third party notification, inflation protection, and "guaranteed renewable" here.

The Costs of Long-Term Care

In 2015, the average cost of care in a Kansas nursing home was $60,225 per year. Learn about more more costs here.

Designing Your Long-Term Care Plan

Learn the basics of what a plan covers and what you should look for.

Qualifying for Long-Term Care Coverage

Learn the basics of what it means to "qualify", and how you can understand the factors that might affect your qualifications.

When Am I Eligible To Use Long-Term Care Insurance?

In order to use your long-term care insurance benefits, you must meet the qualifications outlined in your policy.


Your benefits could not be taxed as income and you could deduct some of your premium from your federal taxes.

Annuities and Life Insurance Policies Qualifying

Some life insurance policies and annuities may be considered a qualified long-term care policy if they provide certain longterm care benefits as a rider or part of the contract.

Length of the Benefit Period

The premium cost will be higher if you choose a longer benefit period. 

Where Care Is Received

Long-term care plans are not standardized.Be sure you understand the kinds of facilities your policy will cover.

Established Families

Learn about auto, home, health, and life insurance.

Long Term Care

Long-term care covers when you need help taking care of yourself long-term.