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Health Insurance Term Dictionary

Decode some of the terminology used in health insurance here.

Parts of Medicare Affected by the Affordable Care Act

Some parts of Medicare are changing because of the ACA.

Services Provided Under Medicare Supplement Policies

A list of what you can expect a Medicare Supplement policy to cover.

Medicare SELECT Insurance

Medicare SELECT insurance have specific hospitals you must use for full benefits.

Understand Your Rights

Protect yourself by upholding your rights.

Tips and Warnings

Keep yourself safe and covered with these guidelines.

How Other Insurance Works With Medicare Part D

Know how your other insurance plans work alongside Medicare Part D.

How Supplemental Insurance Premium Rates Are Determined

Premium rates for Medicare supplement insurance policies are determined by either issue age or attained age.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Shopping Guide

A quick, easy tool to be an informed buyer.

Seniors and Baby Boomers

Learn about auto, home, health, and life insurance.

Medicare Supplement Policies

Medicare was never intended to pay 100% of medical bills. Medigap can help cover some of those expenses.