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Saving for College

Kansans have several tax-advantaged options when it comes to saving for their own or their children's college education.


These calculators are designed to help you figure the out concrete numbers when making big purchases.

Your Personal Goals

Your time horizon should determine your risk.

College Savings

Kansas helps you pay for higher education.

Giving to Learning Quest

There are some special programs and benefits to giving to a Learning Quest account.

Using Learning Quest

Learn how to navigate Learning Quest's 529 plan.

Other Learning Quest Questions

Some commonly asked questions about Learning Quest answered here.

Learning Quest: Kansas' 529 Plan

Learning Quest is an advantageous college savings program administered by the State of Kansas.

Learning Quest Investments

Get the ins and outs of investment through Learning Quest.

What is a 529 plan?

It is a government sponsored education savings program to help make learning more affordable.